Empowering Human Creativity with AI

Take control of your creative journey
No Monthly Fees
Use Open-Source Models
100% Private & On-Device
Share Compute & Earn
The Most Powerful AI Imaging Tool

Step into your world of unlimited creativity.

Create freely & privately. Expand your imagination. Delve into a realm of possibility.
Use Preloaded Open-Sourced Models or import your own
100% Private, On-Device Generation
Further your Creations with Advanced Features
Introducing Sogni AI

Create & Generate in your own Private Studio

Harness the power of Stable Diffusion and other AI models, all processed locally on your device

Generate multiple images from one prompt

Enter our world of creation and ideation at scale
A girl with blonde hair drawing a picture of a frog sitting against a tree in the forest

Turn your sketches to art

Use Sogni's ControlNet feature to realize your initial sketches into art
Original Sketch

Pose & Face Capture

Use OpenPose CN Model to control Human Poses, Faces and Positioning with your creations
OpenPose Example

Extend your imagination

Use Sogni Canvas to produce generative fill of your creation to extend in any direction and ratio

Create Videos & Animations

Utilize frame by frame control to create striking videos and animations within Sogni

Behold the power of Sogni

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Feel the buzz of decentralized CPU

Be Powered by the Swarm

Leverage our ecosystem's shared compute power to decrease creation time, boost processing capabilities, and unleash creativity.
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Join the Swarm

Connect to the Swarm and share your idle processing power with the community. Earn Sogni Tokens as a reward.
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Sogni Token

Powering & rewarding the Sogni Ecosystem
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